Finding the Right Coach 

 February 3, 2019

By  robert


When deciding on the right life coach, I believe that there are several things that are paramount to consider.

1} Ask yourself, who is easier to receive instruction from a man or a woman? Is it easier to talk to a man or woman? It would be nice to think  that it doesn’t make any difference to us. But the truth is, sometimes it is easier for us to relate with one gender over the other. Going to a life coach is about changing your life and change is already going to be hard. So why make it more difficult by being coached by someone of a gender that is more difficult to receive from.

2) Is the Life Coach a good listener? Unfortunately, most people (even coaches) like being heard more than they like listening to others. A good coach is humble and prefers their client over themselves. Coaching is about listening to the client and helping them find the answers that they are looking for. A coaching session should balanced with listening to you, asking you questions and also some time of teaching or training.

3) Is the Life Coach empathetic towards you. Does he/she understand you? Is the life coach on your team. Coaching is more than just giving you advice. It is about being on your team and believing in you and that you can reach the goals and dreams that God has given to you.

4) Does the life coach have the same core values. I am a Christian Life Coach and my faith in Jesus Christ and I believe that most of the answers to life are in the Word of God. So being a Christian or at least if you were interested in becoming one, then you might want to be coached by someone like me.

5) Is the Life Coach firm and decisive? Many times we are not reaching our goals is because we waver, we procrastinate, and we don’t commit. You need a coach that is steady and will commit to you to see you fulfill your destiny..

6) Will your life coach tell you the truth? You need some who is willing to tell you the truth about yourself. A life Coach is not about telling you all the things you want to hear but it is about helping you see the real truth about yourself and he or she is going to hold you accountable to you reaching your goals. Even though of life coach is empathetic they must not be so worried about hurting your feelings that they don’t tell you the truth.

7) The relationship between a life coach and a client is special one. Even though you might become friends it is a professional relationship. It is not an intimate friendship. A good coach will support and enforce those professional boundaries.

8) You want a Life Coach that charges for his or her time. There are several reasons for this. The main reason, It is important for the coach and the client to see value in the coaching. When you place value on the coaching you are more committed to it. A coach or a client is more likely to blow off an appointment if it was free. Life coaching is an investment. Both the coach and the client are investing time to see a profitable outcome.

9) The success of a Life Coach is not about the number of clients they have but how successful their clients have become since being coached. You want a coach that sees your success as his or her success.

I hope this helps you find the right Life Coach for you.

If you are interested in seeing if I would be the right coach for you, you can schedule a free introductory session at:  Introduction Session






Robert Corbell

Robert has been in ministry for over 25 years. He is an ordained Pastor and a Certified Belief Therapist.  His passion is to help people find and fuffill God's Purpose in their lives. 

Robert Corbell

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