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Life Coach Benefits

What Are the Benefits of working with a Life Coach

Here are some practical benefits of Christian Life Coaching 

  • You can understand your life purpose.  Life coaching provides a foundation for making great decisions, and offers direction for how to live a purposeful life.
  • Align with core values. Life coaching will help you increase life satisfaction, reduces stress and frustration as you do the things that matter to you rather than doing things that are of expected of you.
  • Eliminate distractions  Life coaching will help you focus on your life goals while increasing your joy
  • Identify and overcome internal obstacles  Coaching will help you overcome your fears and doubts.
  • Create Life Purpose Plans  Help you create a strategy to reach your goals.
  • Get Clarity on God’s  Call  Christian Life Coaching will help you strengthen your relationship with the Lord and help you make an impact for the Kingdom of God.
  • God’s Guiding Hand on Your Life  Produces wonder, love  and worship for your Creator.

Beating Bad Habits

How to Beat bad habits

Every hero has at least one villain. You are the hero and your bad habits are the villians.  One of the core values in my coaching is that I believe that God made you and that he has an amazing plan for your life. Addictions, weaknesses, character flaws are not who God created you to become, but they are obstacles, hurdles, enemies trying to keep you from being who you really are and reaching your destiny. Whenever you begin to realize that God loves you and He has delivered you from those inner demons of addictions through His son Jesus Christ and  that God is wanting to walk with you into freedom, you will begin to see breakthrough. However, seeing your breakthrough sometimes takes time or sometimes it happens immediately. But just get ready to defeat the villain!


All About Your Perspective

Here are five lies that we might believe if we are struggling with addictions, bad habits and character flaws.

1) My addiction defines who I am.  

We think things like… I am a alcoholic or I am a drug addict… or I am workaholic… That is not who you are. God didn’t create you to be an addict or to be controlled by bad habits. You have been fearfully and wonderfully made.  Someone once said that God doesn’t make trash. You are an amazing person who is fighting against an enemy of addiction. 

2) We take ownership of these bad habits. 

We say things like,  “I have an addiction to pornography or whatever”.  This is kind of tricky because we think that if we don’t say these things like this, we are in denial and we are not taking responsibility for ourselves. But the truth is,   we need to remember that the addiction is not ours but it is what is coming against us.  It is the thing that is resisting us from reaching our goals or destiny. Rather than saying that I have an addiction, you could say< “I have allowed an addiction to keep me from being a good husband, father, employee, etc.” 

3) The addiction is stronger than we are..

It can definitely feel that way. But truth is that with God nothing is impossible and through your faith in Jesus Christ you will see victory over this addiction. The addiction or habit is something that is often  triggered by a lie that you believe.  When you find the trigger, you take away the power of the gun. God wants to uncover those thing that are triggering your bad habits and help you remove them so that the power of the addiction is weakened and you overcome it. 

4) We have to fix ourselves.

We think that we have to get our life together before we ask Jesus to come into our lives. The truth is if you could fix yourself,  you probably would have already done it.  You need help. Jesus loves messes.  He is an expert at cleaning up our lives and there is nothing more powerful than the power of the Holy Spirit to help us see the victory in our lives. 

5) You are going to have to figure this out by yourself. 

The truth is God has a divine strategy for your life and how to defeat this enemy in your life. He doesn’t want to keep it hidden from you.  If you will believe in Him and yield yourself to His plan you will see the victory. 


A Coach May Help

I hope this helps.  I want you to know that everybody has an enemy trying to keep them from the success that God has for them.  One of the strategies that God may have for you to help overcome the addictions is to get a life coach, someone who will not judge you, encourage you and hold you accountable to fighting the fight of faith and seeing the victory in your life. If so,  I would like the opportunity to talk to you and see if I might be a good fit for you as a life